1. Indemnity

All riders must complete and sign all indemnity forms as required at registration.

2. Rider Substitution

In the event of a rider substitution a Rider Substitution Form must be completed and submitted together with the rider substitution fee prior to the race. Anyone attempting to ride or found to be riding under a false name will be disqualified and will not be eligible for participation in future races.

3. MTBs

3.1 Race number boards must be displayed on your mtb's handlebars throughout the duration of the race.

3.2 To be an "official" finisher, you must start and finish the race on the same mtb.

3.3 No tandems will be allowed.

4. Compulsory kit

4.1 Riders/teams must carry the compulsory kit during each stage.

4.2 Each rider must carry his/her passport, medical aid card and credit card during each stage.

4.3 Each rider must wear a cycling helmet during each stage.

5. Seeding and timing

5.1 Daily starts will be in seeded batches.

5.2 As this is a team event, you are expected to stay within 100m of your team mate at all times. A time penalty of 30 minutes will be imposed on offenders.

5.3 The time of the second rider across the line will record your team’s time for the stage.

6. Route cards

6.1 Although the route is largely unmarked, you are not allowed to take “sneaks”. You must stick to the route described on the cards. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in disqualification or time penalties.

6.2 Each team must carry their own route cards for each stage, and they must be handed in at the finish line. A time penalty of 30 minutes will be imposed on offenders and persistent failure may lead to disqualification.

6.3 GPS units may be used only for the odometer reading (although they are not recommended as they have proved less accurate than an ordinary bicycle computer).

7. Compulsory safety check-point at daily water point

There is one water-point each day and it is a compulsory safety check-point. You must pass through it so that your team number can be recorded.

8. Seconding

8.1 Seconding is not permitted along the route. You may not receive drinks, repair assistance or lifts from supporters (assistance from other riders is permitted).

8.2 As this race is unsupported, you must be self-sufficient in terms of spares. If you breakdown, you need to be able to make a plan as it is your responsibility to get to the overnight venue.

9. Withdrawal during a stage

9.1 If you or your team are unable to start any stage, you must notify the organisers before the start of that stage.

9.2 If you or your team withdraw from the race or do not complete a stage, you must notify the organizers immediately.

9.3 Riders will be responsible and charged for all costs of any search/rescue operation instigated in circumstances where a rider/team has withdrawn from the race or not completed a stage or not started a stage but failed to notify the organizers immediately.

9.4 If you or your team do not complete a stage but wish to complete the remaining stages, you may do so “unofficially”.

9.5 If your team mate is forced to withdraw from a stage or the race, you may complete the remaining stages. You must notify the organisers before the start of the next stage.

9.6 If you or your team withdraw from the race, you will be responsible for making your own travel arrangements. We will assist where practically possible.

10. Medical costs

Emergency medical personnel will be present during the race. Each rider is fully responsible for his/her own costs incurred in relation to any medical treatment, including the costs of any transport and/or medical evacuation and/or hospitalization.

11. Bike parks

Secure bike parks will be provided: bikes must not be taken into the rooms at any of the overnight venues under any circumstances.

12. Supporters

12.1 Supporters (ie non-riders) must be registered to gain access to the race venues.

12.2 Any rider who brings an unregistered supporter into the race venues will be disqualified immediately.

13. Conduct

All riders are expected to participate and conduct themselves in a manner in keeping with the good spirit and humour of INYATSI Swazi Frontier, with respect to the landowners, participants, organizers and helpers and all those who they encounter along the route.

14. No littering or smoking along the route

14.1 No littering – anywhere, anytime. Littering will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification.

14.2 Smoking during any stage is not permitted and will lead to immediate disqualification.

15. Cut-offs

We reserve the right to remove teams from the race should we deem it necessary.

16. Registration packs

Registration packs (including race clothing) must be collected at registration. Registration packs (including race clothing) will not be distributed after the event.

17. Cancelled entries

Entries cannot be "rolled over" to the following year.

18. Access to route

Our route goes through private land accessible once a year during INYATSI Swazi Frontier. Access at other times is prohibited.

19. Amendment of rules

We reserve the right to amend the rules from time to time, at our discretion, as necessary.