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  1st time 2nd time 3rd time
2016 Zamperinis 10:25:02 International Tool Hire 2 10:33:52 Private Client Holdings 10:42:40
 Guy Pitman   William Kelly   Mark Pienaar  
 Nick Lockett   Sihawu Dlamini   Andrew Ratcliffe  
2015 Zamperinis 11:35:14 Total Swaziland 11:44:06 Swazi Frontier 11:51:08
  Guy Pitman   Mduduzi Zwane   Sifiso Mhlanga  
  Nick Lockett   Sabelo Mngometulu   Sihawu Dlamini  
2014 The Swazi Frontier 11:18:07 Airplane Factory 11:22:40 Bitter Lemmings 11:44:14
  Sifiso Mhlanga   James Pitman   Kim Roques  
  Sihawu Dlamini   Adrian Enthoven   Peter Joughin  
2013 ASG MTB Academy 11:04:37 Greenhouse 11:31:38 Mutual Safes/Private Rhino 11:33:37
  Arno Du Toit   Bruce Turvey   John Leppan  
  Paul Cordes   Dave Harding   Hector Ross  
2012 Sossi Frontier Simbaz 11:54:00 Saving Private Rhino 12:15:56 Sossi Simbaz 12:23:08
  David Kinjah   John Leppan   Vincent Kinuthia  
  Davidson Kamau   Hector Ross   George Kiama  
2011 Safari Simbaz/ Fairbairn Capital 11:28:38 Altitude Sickness 11:57:06 Craib Bros 12:07:56
  David Kinjah   John Leppan   Gordon Craib  
  Davidson Kamau   Dane Walsh   Murray Craib  
2010 Safari Simbaz Fairbairn Capital 11:47:10 12:04:59 Osama B's 12:20:36
  David Kinjah   John Leppan   Bruce Turvey  
  Davidson Kamau   Craig Edwards   Rob Dormehl  
2009 Osama B’s 12:22:05 Drillikins 12:22:23 Dunkeld Cycles 12:43:13
  Bruce Turvey   Richard Lombard   Marc Wierderkehr  
  Rob Dormehl   Glenn Williams   Andrew Rankin  
2008 Osama B's 11:11:36 Cradle Quest 11:27:00 11:42:23
  Bruce Turvey   Richard Lombard   Rob Dormehl  
  Warren Wellbeloved   Andrew Currie   Willy Alcock  
2007 Hungry2Ride 12:18:37 Sani2c 12:59:15 Knob & No Mates 13:01:52
  Nick Floros   Glen Haw   Andrew Broom  
  Roger Mann   Roan Exelby   Charles Pritchard  
2006 Hungry2Ride 11:54:45 Swamp Mutts 12:55:44 Wild Ride 13:28:09
  Nick Floros   Andrew Broom   Glen Haw  
  Roger Mann   Grant Walliser   Steve Stamp  


  1st time 2nd time 3rd time
2016 Annimiacs 11:53:15 Fruitsizers 14:53:52 Silly Socks 15:54:55
 Miroda Otto   Nina Hind   Karlien de Bruin  
 Annie David   Kathy Crabbe   Nicki Sutherland  


  1st time 2nd time 3rd time
2016 Swazi Trac Duez 13:03:59 SMS Group 13:58:44 Married4now 15:01:32
 Nadine Stein   Patsy Hime   Mandy Joughin  
 James Mardall   Anthony Paton   Peter Joughin  
2015 Clueless 13:29:34 Dunkeld Cycles 13:36:49 Battle of the wheel sizes 13:51:28
  Rene Schoeman   Charlize Wiederkehr   Liz Ward  
  Anton Wood   Marc Wiederkehr   Malcolm Wetmore  
2014 Wild Chix 14:05:10 AAP 15:36:13 Jacob’s Dream 16:05:41
  Landy Puddu   Nicky Nairn   Colleen Jacobs  
  Rebecca Stamp   Brad van der Westhuizen   Johan Jacobs  
2013 Miss-Management 12:37:24 Gogo and Gramps 12:39:45 Jelly Beans 15:12:28
  Alison Richardson   Jane Seggie   Theresa Horn  
  Rob Dormehl   Phil Lambrecht   Stefan Horn  
2012 Lady and the Tramp 12:40:09 Bell's Cycling 14:13:39 Fanagalo 15:30:15
  Jane Seggie   Vanessa Bell   Robyn Assad  
  Phil Lambrecht   George Bell   Marinus Bekker  
2011 GTX 12:49:38 Lady and the Tramp 13:06:56 Nirvana 14:24:03
  Janine King   Jane Seggie   Adele Drake  
  Stu Rawlinson   Phil Lambrecht   Marinus Bekker  
2010 Bullet & Babe 14:23:52 Nirvana 14:40:32 CycleLab 15:35:59
  Karin Hendry   Adele Drake   Jo Muller  
  Mark Preen   Marinus Bekker   Jurie Krige  
2009 IMC Reaction 12:33:40 Bullet & Babe 13:38:05 Linden Cycle Red Ants 14:13:37
  Yolande Speedy   Karin Hendry   Nicky Booyens  
  Paul Cordes   Mark Preen   Gerrard Booyens  
2008 IMC/Activeworx 11:17:23 Bullet and Babe 11:37:10 Puddings 12:44:47
  Yolande Speedy   Karin Hendry   Landy Puddu  
  Paul Cordes   Mark Preen   Alberto Puddu  
2007 Bullet & Babe 13:45:07 Sean Williams Contracts 14:34:31 Swazi Sweaty Pies 16:27:34
  Karin Hendry   Joke Venter   Linda Loffler  
  Mark Preen   Sean Williams   Paul Loffler  
2006 Entelect 13:23:16 Swazi Racing Snakes 14:14:37 SAP/LW Design 14:26:00
  Evelyn Pritchard   Lesley Fitton   Lauren Wolff  
  Charles Pritchard   Menzi Tsela   George Oertel  


  1st time 2nd time 3rd time
2016 Private Client Holdings 10:42:40 Yeti Boys 11:44:47 GoGetters 11:58:32
 Mark Pienaar   Chris Baisch   Richard Bonatz  
  Andrew Ratcliffe   Colin Meyer   Glenn Whittaker  
2015 Hill Billys 12:20:31 Kalahari Ferrari 14:03:45 The Smarter Team 14:24:43
  Martin Lambrecht   Sandy Kelly   Johannes Pienaar  
  Etienne Van Cuyck   Seamus O'Neill   Heinrich Huysamer  
2014 Airplane Factory 11:22:40 Hill Billys 12:31:16 Patraw 14:04:36
  James Pitman   Martin Lambrecht   David Rawlinson  
  Adrian Enthoven   Craig Boswell   John Paterson  
2013 Rusty Old Nuts 12:37:43 Gogo and Gramps 12:39:45 Roaring Forties 13:29:35
  Dave Farrer   Jane Seggie   Craig Fussell  
  Gary Boast   Phil Lambrecht   Glenn Williams  


  1st time 2nd time 3rd time
2016 Yeti A-Team 13:09:05 Big Ring Action 13:32:58 Scrubcutters 13:34:23
  Stefano Migliore   Francois Finlay   John Ingram  
  Robert Green   George Dimopoulos   Digby Hoets  
2015 Rusty Pipes 13:47:01 BELL 15:10:25 Inyatsi 15:31:30
  Adam Greve   Pieter Goosen   Dave Roberts  
  Terence Stewart   Leon Goosen   Craig Randall  
2014 Pucker Up 12:48:39 Buffaloes 15:32:29 Laurel and Hardy 16:10:01
  Shaun Williamson   Stuart Hulley   Werner Schofman  
  Rod Bernard   Andrew Van Rensburg   Henri Mittermayer