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Feedback 2019

Great event, great vibe!  John Hubert 2019

Brilliant event! Craig Lewis 2019

The most beautiful 3 days I have ever spent on a mountain bike.  Being on uncongested trails just made my ride!  The field was small enough to get to know most of the riders.  Accommodation was much better than a tent. You guys made it special!  Phil Henning 2019

Incredibly warm, personal race and event experience with proper unique riding. Abré Roux 2019

Thank you for a memorable event.  Loved it!  Brian Henn 2019

Easier race route was great!  Gert Muller 2019

I have the post-Swazi blues!  Missing the riding and great hospitality.  An amazing event!  Tim Capon 2019

Thanks for a great race!  I had a ball!  Erni Welch 2019

Fabulous event and real mountain biking!  We had a fabulous ride in beautiful Swaziland.  Such a cool event with awesome riding, great trails and very well organised logistics.  Thanks so much for the opportunity.  Geoff Bihl 2019

Great camaraderie!  William Stein 2019

Thank you for a fantastic experience; it was truly wonderful to ride the renowned trails through the middle of nowhere!   The pluses for me were: the effort and dedication that you obviously put in; the fantastic trails that you had also worked on to make them still wild but rideable; the great choice of venues and food; the value for money overall; the goody bags and clothing; and the contribution of the sponsors who seem keen to sustain their support.  All in all, superb!  Tony Hulett 2019

Good route, excellent organisation, perfect atmosphere!  Ian McLeod 2019

Will be back for another ride!  Andrew Comley 2019

Thank you for a great event. The accommodation, food, vibe, humour, route, track etc etc was first class, sadly can't say the same for the climbs JJ.  Jeremy and I thoroughly enjoyed it and only wished that we were fitter.  Will spread the word and would certainly recommend your ride to our riding mates.  All the best, keep it going, would love to be back.  John Grobler 2019

I feel like I have post-race depression!  It was magnificent!  Claudia Slattery 2019

Thanks again for a super weekend away.  Had a great time and many laughs!  Andrew Comley 2019

Thanks for all your efforts.  Carla Davis 2019

Thanks for a wonderful event and I look forward to doing my third one.  Rob Lundie 2019

We just wanted to let you guys know how much we enjoyed our trip to Swaziland and taking part in the Swazi Frontier was brilliant. We met some great people, the food was superb, and the riding was awesome! It's a beautiful country to ride in.
You two have done a great job in running it every year and we want to thank you for putting on a great race. There's a lot of organisation involved. We are even discussing whether we should try to make it back next year!  Steven and Maureen Enderby 2019

Thanks for a great race!  Roger Nicolson 2019

Stage 1 very easy!  Very nice!  Lean Drinkwater 2019

Great race!  Thanks guys!  Jarrett Pech 2019

Feedback 2018

Thank you for such an awesome few days of riding. It is by far the best ride in the world.
Adam Wood 2018

Without question the best 3 day stage race I’ve done, with reference to the trails, the people doing the event and just generally how the event is run.
Nicholas Marques 2018

The toughest race I have EVER done, but still comes out tops!! MTB riding at its best.
Liz Botha 2018

Thanks for an awesome experience!
Antonio Simoes 2018

An awesome event!
Alan Powell 2018

Thanks for a really good event, as tough as it was!
Kevin Record 2018

Thank you and your team for a wonderful race.
William Kelly 2018

Thank you for an awesome Frontier experience. Loved every minute including the suffering on Day 1 and will definitely be back. I loved the event and the smaller participation numbers contribute to the lekker gees! It is an experience rather than a hard-core race where it revolves all around the results.
Oscar and Mireille Kotze 2018

It was an amazing experience all round! Tough as nails especially day one but an amazing event. I will be back. For a first mountain bike race and stage race it was mind blowing. The course, venues, logistics and staff were all amazing. Thank you especially to you both and all the sponsors.
Bradley Schroder 2018

Superb! Thank you very much for the massive treat and opportunity to enjoy the race. I had loads of fun, loved the route and think the event was extremely well organised - well done! Will definitely be back in the future!
Francois Knoetze 2018

Thank you for the most amazing 3 days in your special part of the world. I absolutely loved it, (except for Too Brutal!) the rain on day 3 was a blast and I hope to be back next year. The riding was tough but rewarding and accommodation was superb. Please thank Vuma and all the crew, they were awesome. We felt we were in great hands every step of the way!
Murray Steyn 2018

Thanks very much for the amazing opportunity to do the race. It was by far the toughest 3 days on a bike for me - but well worth it.
Frans Le Roux 2018

That was really a great race that you put on – it was a great experience - absolutely loved every second of it!!
Brett Berry 2018

Thanks for great experience. We hope to return next year.
Dick Morkel 2018

Very well organised event, I will certainly be back. Thank you for everything.
Stoffel Eckley 2018

Tough, tough race. Shawn Heydenrych 2018 Fantastic event, thank you. Good memories, good times.
Bevan Langton 2018

Great event.
Daniel Smith 2018

Thank you for an awesome experience. It was your and your staff’s hospitality that made the event so special.
Mark Beckermann 2018

Thank you for a wonderful (but tough) experience. We had such a lovely time and met such nice people, all your efforts in providing good food, accommodation and trying to make us feel welcome and special did not go by unnoticed, well done! Please thank ALL the very friendly staff!
Christoff Viljoen 2018

An extremely well-organised event, which is extremely good value for the money charged. Well done Lesley and Brett, this experience was far superior to the one I experienced in 2010. You have put on an extremely brilliant event.
Gregory More O’Ferrall

You both put so much effort into the event, and it all runs immaculately smoothly as a result. Thanks for all that hard work.
Selina Russell 2018

Thanks so much for an amazing experience, the riders thoroughly enjoyed it!
Kayleigh Rossler 2018

Feedback 2017

Congratulations on a fantastically well-run event.  So after a break of 4 years, but doing races between (Sani, Pioneer, Tankwa etc), I can really say that you are the best three day in SA, route superb, lodgings superb and we were all incredibly well looked after. Well done and thank you for all your efforts in putting up such a great event! 
Jan Hnizdo

Thanks again for an awesome few days.  It’s really a special event. 
Mitchell Arntzen

I really loved riding your race. Probably the hilliest race I will ever do and next time I am bringing easier gears but also one of the prettiest and authentic. I enjoy the smaller more boutique races and the other riders were top class.  I will certainly be back to tackle the hills and fly faster downhill.    I would love to do the race again.  A brilliant race, well organised and the field size is perfect.
Neil Frazer

Thank you for looking after us so well for a wonderful few days in Swaziland.  I was really impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of all your people and the good vibe that your event generates.  The Swazi frontier is a unique way to see some of the Swazi countryside and people in a fun few days.  Well done and thanks!
Ian Liddle

Thanks for a wonderful Frontier. We had the most enjoyable time.  It was a really well-organized event.  I am sure you had wonderful feedback and you can really be proud of yourselves.
Jaco Erasmus

Thank you for an awesome race. The track was as we anticipated, raw and un-manicured. The big climb on day # 1 took us by surprise, but it was a gem of a stage race.   Keeping the field small is also great as you get to meet and chat to many other riders each night, not like the other larger more corporate races where you can get lost in the crowds.
The catering and accommodation was also top drawer.  We greatly appreciate your hosting and putting together an awesome stage race.
Tim Theunissen & Hein Kruger

Thank you very much, really enjoyed the quite unique experience you guys put on! 
Hein Kruger

Thanks very much for a really fun MTB tour last week.  I have done many different multi-stage events over the years and the Swazi Frontier ranks very highly and offers lots of unique features.  The Swaziland scenery, the interesting route through rivers and up beautiful climbs, the accommodation, the smaller field and the relaxed atmosphere were all particular highlights.  I really like the race T-shirt and long-sleeve top.
Your passion for hosting a really fun and well-organised event really stood out and I thank you for what must be a massive project each year.  I hope to be back some time soon. 
Gavin Wood

Thanks a lot! It is a time in my life which I will always remember! 
Frans Reichert

Thanks again for an incredible event. 
Brad and Lauren Frew

Thank you for some of the best trails we have ridden.  We really enjoyed every moment at the Swazi Frontier and we have not yet stopped bragging to our mates about this event.  An unbelievable experience.  The route was amazing – real mountain biking.  
Leonardo Van Onselen

Love the trails, love the route, love the people and vibe.  A lot of other races can take a leaf out of your book!
Werner Nienaber

Full marks!  Thanks for a wonderful event.  We enjoyed every moment. Good value for money.  The friendliness of the organisers (Lesley thanks for your personal help to change my clothing) was for real!  We hope to be there next year again.
Linus Van Onselen

That was real MTB!  We had a blast with you guys!  Many thanks for the experience, very special!   Will sing your praises in the Cape! 
Ian and Warren Roberti

Fantastic event!  Great work, keep it up!
Chris Seavell

Thank you for such an incredible event. The trails were completely out of this world spectacular -  what a treat and experience to cycle in such magnificent places. Swazi was completely magnificent - I feel very privileged to have seen all the beautiful places you took us through.
Ali Barker

LOVED THE RACE!! It was extremely rewarding to finish Inyatsi Swazi Frontier as this is proper mountain biking!! 
Kerry Davis

Very special!
 Bruce Koller 2017

Thank you, it was an awesome experience to cycle with Sifiso and Inyatsi Swazi Frontier – really enjoyed it.  It was proper mountain biking…loved it.
Rudolf Pretorius

Thanks for the great weekend.  Well organised and well done to you and Les. 
Anthony Harding

Thanks for a great few days Brett. Great ride. Great people. 
Glenn Whittaker

Thanks again for a great ride.
Jonathan Borthwick

Feedback 2016

This event has to rate as my best event so far from a people, vibe, toughness and performance point of view. We had the pleasure of riding with a great bunch guys and girls, in varied weather conditions and over diverse terrain, that's going to make it tough to beat.   
Well done Lesley and Brett for all your efforts in putting together such a great event!
Chris Baisch

Once again, thanks so much to you both and the whole Swazi Frontier team for making 2016 an awesome, spectacular ride. Last year was great, and I came back for more fun, and it was heaped out in bucket loads. – Thank You! You guys are going from strength to strength and you are paving the way for what REAL and AUTHENTIC mountain biking is all about.
Paul Kapeleus

Thank you Swazi Frontier, I had an amazing three days with my brother and team mate. Challenged, exhausted and exhilarated, friends made, tired muscles and a happy heart.
Nadine Stein

Swazi Frontier done and dusted!  It was by far the hardest stage race I've ever done with lots of steep climbs, technical descents and the most incredible views and scenery! We had mud, rain, mist and heat, the beautiful Swaziland really threw it all at us! Was tough going by myself but met really great people along the route! We'll be back! Well done Lesley and Brett for a fantastic event!
Kerry-Leigh Tomasseli

Swazi Frontier 2016 was an amazing experience of proper real mountain biking.  I had major mechanical problems on Day 1 and didn't get to ride Day 3 but it's a bucket lister for all mountain bikers who love a chilled vibe and unreal countryside and people. Well done Lesley and Brett. Awesome.
Billy Stelling

Thanks for a very very nice ride – true mtb’ing indeed. We’ll be back and hopefully more organised next year
Francois Smith

Thank you both again for a most wonderful experience. I will be bragging about the beautiful kingdom and epic riding to all my Canadian friends upon my return.
Hugh Jones

Thank for everything you guys did, Mark can’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed it!  It sounded like it was tough but they all really enjoyed it!
Dane Pretorius on behalf of Mark Buchel

Thanks a mil for three awesome and honest days of insane riding!
George Dimopoulos

Once again a big thank you for a great event overall.
Andrew Mundell

Thank you so much for hosting us.   The experience was good, the service was excellent, the food was brilliant and everything ran smoothly.
Jorge Capkovic

Thanks again for a brilliant 3 days of riding and festivities (as always).
Richard Simpson

A very big thank you for all your hard work organising the race - what an event! It was obviously very challenging and I was frequently terrified, but am definitely up for another one. 
Selina Russell

Thank you both for an awesome race.  Really had a great time!
Richard Darne

Wonderful 3 days!
Wendy Reed

Absolutely loved it thanks!
Sandra Olivier

Thank you loved your ride and country!
Ray Olivier

Many thanks for a very tiring but very rewarding 3 days.  It was a great experience and hopefully we will be back next year, fitter and stronger and more importantly knowing what to expect.
Greg Green

Thank you for an awesome experience again.
Lousanne Ackerman

Thanks again for a fantastic ride, which we both thoroughly enjoyed...
Mike Koller

Thanks again for an awesome event, and well done on the organisation!
James Ross

A magnificently organised and exceptional event.
Mandy Joughin

Thanks again for a great weekend riding. Will definitely come back.
Richard Bonatz

Great event!  Thanks for everything.
Fiona MacIntosh

Feedback 2015

Thanks for the opportunity of a fantastic ride in the Kingdom.  It really pressed all the buttons for me and Sandy.  It’s the best 3 day ride I have ever done - well done on all the hard work- great event and great vibe.
Seamus O’Neill

Thanks once again for a fantastic race but at the same time creating a relaxed environment where the normal hustle and bustle of other stage race events was not felt. It was honestly a treat and well worth the trip from KZN.
Laird Mitchell

Thank you for another great race. Wonderfully organised as always with such nice people – thank you very much – we will see you next year. We are just back from doing the Wine 2 Whales and I can tell you it does not compare to the Swazi – it’s so impersonal and commercial and just has nothing on your race.
Guy Pitman

I must thank you for one of the most challenging experiences of my life, which I seem to have handled without too many mishaps.  Partly thanks to my wonderful partner, but also thanks to an extremely well organized and run event.  You and your sponsors certainly did an exceptional job,
Wendy Reed

Thanks for a great event!
Pieter Goosen

I just got back from Wine2Whales - an event that I've enjoyed immensely in the past.  Sadly Swazi has now ruined it almost completely for me.  It's hard to pinpoint why, but I think the bigger events lose something special.  Thanks once again for my best event of 2015 (from a guy who did Sani, Imana and Wine2whales in the last 12 months).
Ray Deftereos

We had a super experience.
Lousanne Ackerman

Thank you for your hospitality and all the arrangements you made for Desi and me – we were treated like royalty and it is very much appreciated. I enjoyed every minute of my ride.   The SA races all have a tendency to throw in endless district road just because they think it has to be 60 km or 90 km, whereas to me, your race is pure mountain biking.  Thanks again, and we’ll do all we can to be back next year.
Nigel Shannon

Great ride.  I enjoyed it all but what is special is it’s a small event so one gets to meet most riders.  Your format of having to use your route care is a great idea.
Etienne Van Cuyck

Thank you very much Lesley and Brett. And thank you again for an awesome event- I enjoyed it thoroughly!  And the great support and cheering on was amazing. I am planning to do it next year again! I have lots of place to improve and will be booking a chalet from the beginning this time :)
Megan Darne
Thanks for a wonderfully organised race again.  We had lots of fun! I enjoyed the easier day 1 (though missed the views from Baboon’s Back) - the flowers in Malolotja were beautiful (and the Haemanthus type thingies in the pine forest at the bottom of Gogo huge, orange and rather pretty too).  The tweaks on the other days also added and I still think the riding from the water point on day 3 to the weir is one of my favourites - lots of fun, tricky track and pay attention “jeep” track!  
Cheryl Jenks and Jayson Whyte

Thanks for an awesome race. Worth driving back for my passport 10 times over! 
Marc and Charlize Wierderkehr

Thanks once again. Great fun to be involved.
Louis Barnard

Thanks a mil for a fantastic event. You guys played out of your boots!
Anton Wood

Thanks to Brett and you again for an awesome event!
Martin Lambrecht

A massive thank you again for putting together such an awesome event. It is not always about winning.  Being at the back this year honestly was a lot harder but probably I had the best ride of my life:  we got to see more, meet and help people on the way and actually just enjoy everything.  Thanks for everything and I’m 100% sure we are your 1st 3 entries for next year. Very excited for it!!!!
Richard Darne

Thanks guys for three amazing tuff blissful days of pure mountain biking.
Adam Wood

The Swazi Frontier definitely lived up to its reputation as an event suited for hardcore mountain biking purists looking for a niche event off the beaten track. The route was spectacular and the riding tough. The chilled post ride vibe and lodge accommodation were also unique and really appreciated. Then let's not forget the post event party.  Well done Lesley and Brett for organizing a great event! Hope to be back some time soon.
Chris Baisch

Thank you guys so very much we really enjoyed the ride. It was awesome.
Santie van der Westhuizen

Thanks for a very cool event. Chris and I really enjoyed ourselves! The riding was superb and the effort you guys put in was much appreciated.
Colin Meyer

What a special race!  My tag line for it is – it’s different and it’s proper!  A stage race that differentiates itself from the other 90 in South Africa.  I can seriously recommend it to all.
Francois Pienaar

Thank you Brett and Lesley – What an amazing experience!!  And Brett, thank you for all the personalized motivation and encouragement along the route.
Eben Muller

Thanks again for an absolutely fantastic event – well done.
Sandy Kelly

Thanks again for a most wonderful experience and privilege. Thank you for making it happen!   Both Neil and I loved the riding - sublime - and engaging with villagers and getting lost. It is fantastic that you have a presence in the area considering just how poor the communities are. The accommodation and catering was great - nice and simple and consistently good.
Paul Kapelus

We had a great time, were blown away by the warmth and hospitality of the people we met, the level of organisation and being able to experience this little gem of a country right next door to our own.  Everything was superbly organised and we were made to feel most welcome, especially by our hosts Brett and Lesley.
Mike Finch

We are truly the fortunate ones, to have people such as you putting together an event such as this, so that we may enjoy the best that Africa has to offer. 
Etienne Rawlinson

The Swazi Frontier is incredibly special and I loved every moment of it.
Jonathan Ancer

Thanks again for an awesome event, I’ll be back!
Heinrich Huysamer

Thank you for yet another great Swazi Frontier.  You guys really set the spirit of the event and every year leaves lasting memories.  See you next year and promise to bring plenty of Spier and some of the old and hopefully more new friends along.
Gavin Patterson

I don’t have a multi-stage event to benchmark against, but I don’t need one to know this was really an amazing cycling event/experience. Having met you both, the friendliness, adventurousness, camaraderie and care that epitomised the event is clearly a reflection of you. I hope you are suitably proud of your very special creation.  Tom and I had a blast…Many thanks again.
Michael Weatherhead

Thanks for the opportunity it was great, we will be there next year.
Osorio Mostico

Please allow me the opportunity to thank you guys again for the most amazing experience. I have never met such a bunch of nice people at one event. From the organizers right through to the riders. Made some good friends and met up with some old ones. I hope that this will be my first of many Swazi Frontiers.
Terence Stewart

Thank you for a fantastic event!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to be back next year.
Renee Mitchell

Feedback 2014

Thanks very much for a brilliant race. We absolutely loved the event, and will be back next year in the hunt for the top spot!
Adi Enthoven 2014

Thanks for a great ride. The route, scenery, small field, personal attention and the relaxed vibe were most appreciated. Oh, and thanks for organising the kind weather this year! As it was my partner's first proper stage race, our combined average speed gave us time to soak in beautiful Swaziland. 
Andrew Bradford 2014

Many thanks for a truly wonderful event. Without doubt, the most enjoyable 3 days I have ever had on a mountain bike.  The changes to the route, particularly on day 1, were fun to ride, slightly easier, leaving a bit more fuel in the tank for the climbing at the back end of the day.  The smaller field led to a much more intimate ride with like minded people, which was great.  We were fed really well by most hospitable people at all the overnight stops. A well deserved  10 out of 10.
Richard Cole 2014

Thank you guys!  I was last with you in 2012, and it's easy to forget the spirit of this race. You have managed to cultivate a unique spirit of camaraderie, adventure and just getting it done.  “Race balance” is that unquantifiable metric that makes (and breaks) races. It's a mixture of the sweat/reward ratio, as well as managing that element of adventure.   Luckily, you have got it right!
John Paterson 2014

Thank you both for the exceptional organisation of the event.  It will stick in my memory for many years to come.  The humour, the water points, the comfortable accommodation, the food, the debriefings, the support act etc all make an event like this special.  I have already recommended it to my enthusiastic mountain biking mates.  Very well done.
Paul Davis 2014

HUGE thanks for all your efforts in putting on a first class show at the Swazi Frontier. It is a magic event, stunning tracks and riding, fantastic hospitality at the overnights and you even managed to organise the weather this time!  We had a most enjoyable three days.
Rebecca van der Linde 2014

Thanks for all your efforts in putting together another amazing race.  Please pass on our thanks to all of your wonderful helpers - all the smiles and encouragement along the way really provide some vooma for the legs.
Mike and Tracy Ogg 2014

What an amazing weekend of riding. Thank you guys so much. it was truly world class.
Grant McLean 2014

Thanks for an awesome race.
Ludwig Neethling 2014

What an amazing event!!!
Jeanine Von Wissell 2014

Thank you for a fantastic race. We really enjoyed it. It was so nice to have a race where the over 90Kg’s are recognised for our weight disadvantage. It does not matter how hard we train we will never be a true racing snake against the light weights. This was my 3rd Swazi and I really enjoyed the route on day two after the water point. The zigs and zags between the houses were great and made for some challenging map reading. Day one was still very hard even with the reduced climbing. The Swazi is still definitely my favourite stage race.
Shaun Williamson 2014

Thank you both for one the most awesome challenges and experiences of my life!   Thank you both for making such an amazing race!
Richard Darne 2014

You are both such terrific Ambassadors for this part of Swaziland. Well done.
Jane Slabbert 2014

Thank you to both of you for another wonderful event.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and supreme effort that makes it such an outstanding ride.  Grateful for the wonderful accommodation!  We will be back next year of course.
Mandy Joughin 2014

Thank you for hosting us on a fantastic 3 days.  I have been travelling on business to Swaziland for the past 10 years and it was great to finally see part of the country.
Rod Benard 2014

Thanks again for awesome event. Hope to be back again next year for your 10th event.
Craig Boswell 2014

Thanks again for a magnificent event!
Carl Scholtz 2014

Thanks for the great ride you put together for us and all you both did to make it so much fun!
Dave Rawlinson 2014 

Thanks for a great race. Well done!
Haydn Hartley 2014

Thanks for a great race. Nice shot!
James Pitman 2014

Thank you for the wonderful event and for sharing your passion for mtb in Swaziland!
Dudley Turner 2014

A big thank you and shout out to you guys.  We had a great time, loved the experience and enjoyed the hospitality.  We will be back!
Gary Campbell 2014

The race was tough but really beautiful and the hospitality was exceptional.  Thanks so much for letting us feel so welcome, we truly enjoyed it!
Johan, Colleen and Michael Jacobs 2014

Thanks guys for an awesome experience in Swaziland.
Mike Koller 2014

Well done and thank you for once again putting such an awesome event together!   We have reserved the dates for next year and plan to bring a lot of friends with :-)
Philip Nel 2014

Feedback 2013

Thanks for a great three days. I really enjoyed the race, the route, the environment and everything.
Peter O’Farrell 2013

Thanks again for an awesome event; the “Hill Billy’s” will definitely be hoping to be on your invite list for next year.
Craig Boswell 2013

Thanx for an awesome event – friendly, very well organized and put together. Brendon and I had a great adventure and have definitely left with some fantastic memories. And finally – in your original note – warm weather, now that was an understatement.
Rob Flashman 2013

Many thanks for a great event!!! As our first venture into multi stage MTB events, the adventurous side of the Swazi Frontier was great for us. The vibe was great, the organisation fantastic, the more relaxed atmosphere just up our street, and overall just a great experience.
Brendon Thorpe 2013

Thanks for another superb Swazi Frontier …. they always seem to dish out a few surprises, especially Stage 4 on Saturday night!!
Phil Lambrecht 2013

Thanks once again for the wonderful experience we had on the Swazi Frontier. These memories will provide endless stories around the evening camp fires.
Keven Sinclair 2013

Thanks for an awesome SF as usual. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well organized.
Che Lue and Elton Stevens 2013

A big thank you from Mike and I for a stunning race. Despite the heat, we still had lots of fun and many laughs, and as with all these things, it always gets better as time passes. Thanks for making sure that we always had accurate route cards (Mike did a great job ensuring that we didn’t take any wrong paths), and to Brett for patiently waiting for us along the route and providing us with extra water etc, as the temperatures soared!
Mike and Tracy Ogg 2013

Thank you for a great experience. We will be back! Thankfully Gavin and I have 12 month notice (way better than 2 weeks!!) to train and prepare ourselves!!
Brett Prawde 2013

Shot for a top ride, bender and event guys. Also brilliant prizes.
Bruce Turvey 2013

What an Eggcellentfantastical Ripper of a Frontier!! ZZ zz zz – “I am trying to awake from this nightmare of an ATOMIC BLUE MONDAY in my office!!” All I want is Day 6 in Swaziland…­LJ Thanks again, really was wonderful.
Hector Ross 2013

Thanks for a fantastic race and an unforgettable experience. Hard doesn't begin to describe the Swazi Frontier but what a sense of achievement to have finished it with no more than a few cuts and bruises. Once again thanks for a brilliant event!
Gordon Lennox 2013

Phew! What a ride! It is going to take me a while to recover! I have never been so hot, terrified, exhausted or exhilarated on my bike before! You guys really run an amazing event -I loved the whole vibe and really appreciated all the attention to detail (bike washers-brilliant!) as well as our fabulous accommodation. You were right - it is unlike any other event I have ever done and quite special. I hope you guys are enjoying a well-earned rest now and in the famous words of Arnie, 'I'll be back!'
Mandy Joughin 2013

What she said. "I'll be baaack" too!
Peter Joughin 2013

Thanks for an awesome event once again. Really enjoyed ourselves - the new bits on Day 1 and 2 were great additions, making an already wonderful course better. If a tad more challenging navigationally :-)
Cheryl Jenks 2013

Thanks for a big jol this year – what a blast! Unbelievable experience for all us from CT. I would not change anything, your current recipe is just fine…nice and different from the normal stage rides in SA. We will be back! This will now be an annual pilgrimage for all us Capies.
Max Menzies 2013

I so nearly didn’t make your race and what a tragedy that would have been! Thanks again for a great event. It is a tough, demanding and, at times, ruthless course especially in the sweltering temps BUT it is a fabulous, spectacular ride that keeps us coming back for more! The friendly vibe and camaraderie that you both create when one crosses the line makes it all worth it! I so enjoy coming back and rekindling friendships made during the 3 days.
Jane Seggie 2013

Thanks again for an excellent few days of riding in Swaziland.
Dave Mills 2013

Hot as Hell but Sweet as Honey, will be back to revenge!!!
Marnitz Nienaber 2013

Big thanks for yet another top class and memorable Swazi Frontier. It is such a special event with a truly unique vibe which draws one back year after year. Now that I have forgotten the excessive heat, I think I may just be keen to come back for more… ;-)
Graham Rogoff 2013

Thank you again for an awesome experience. My wife (her first) and I (my third) really enjoyed it and feel it remains a unique and privileged event. We will definitely be back and hopefully actually be fit for the next one.
Etienne and Paula Volschenk 2013

Thanks guys, was a lot of fun. 6 frontiers down for me and counting...
Kim Roques 2013

Thanks for a great weekend!
Werner Schoffman 2013

We had an absolute fantastic time! I had loved it last year with the mud, the mist, the rain and the cold but I loved it even more this year. The heat made it harder than expected but there is nothing better than jumping into a little Swazi river to cool off. The Swazi Frontier is the most well organized, most enjoyable, most challenging race I have done. I loved riding around the local villages and seeing the little smiles of the Swazi local children. Thank you for allowing us to see your little area of mountain biking heaven.....I can’t wait to come back again. Our accommodation was top notch, the massage ladies were great and the general staff were helpful and friendly. THANK you and look forward to seeing you soon.....
Michelle McGregor 2013

Route: Fantastic, tough, but that is how it should be. Water points: Best. Organization: Brilliant.
Victor Tesar 2013

Thanks for an amazing experience. This was the toughest mtb event I have ever done. I have 6 Sani's and multiple Barberton and Sabies since my first Rhodes in 2001. Day 1 was especially difficult. At the end of the day, I wondered how one could do 2 more but day 2 was amazing in the valley and the water crossings were great. The last hill was a killer though. Day 3 was just very hot especially the last quarter. We were much more competitive on day 2 & 3 and Jacques's technical skills improved drastically!
Louis Bosch 2013

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Theo and I were really impressed with the calibre of entrant that was partaking in the event. We have completed many of South Africa’s top MTB events and never have we experienced the camaraderie and spirit so evident in Swaziland. Together with the effort and caring displayed by yourself, Brett and your team makes this event one that any mountain biker should place on their “bucket list”. This was my first visit to Swaziland and I could not believe how incredibly beautiful it is. The second day of cycling with its many river crossings was breathtaking and I must admit that just for once the fact that we had to cycle at a snail’s pace worked hugely in our favour because it forced us to take a couple of minutes along the route and sit and savour our surroundings.
Gita Forbes 2013

Congrats on another successful event!
Ben de Lange 2013

The Swazi Frontier remains one of my all time favourite MTB events.
Stefan Horn 2013

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable mountain biking experience.
Chips St Leger and Gordon Lennox 2013

Good fun and really nice tracks.
Paul Cordes 2013

Feedback 2012

What a fantastic race. I have been running and cycling for the past 25 odd years and I must say this was one of my more enjoyable races. You guys have such a magic balance with natural track, technical riding, a no-stress relaxed atmosphere, a small field, not too many hours, and decent accommodation and food. I normally look at companies and think the culture comes from the management. In this case, your relaxed and competent organization of the race has created such a great culture. Well done.
I know I’ve had some good riding when my shoulders and arms are stiff. The mud made challenges just that much more and allowed me to be a kid again. Thanks so much for giving us an invite and we hope to see you guys again.
Mike Frost 2012

Am now back in Cape Town ... the magical hills of Swaziland would seem a dream, if it weren't for the very real ache in the legs to remind me that I was really there! I wanted to thank you both for organising a truly amazing few days. Everything was perfect - and the riding has redefined mountain biking for life. Unbelievable!
Tim Parsonson 2012

You really need a big thank you from me and all of the other riders for surmounting the already insurmountably high standard set in previous races when putting on this year’s event. After 5 rides in the last 6 years, I realised that I’m no longer a new kid on the block, and have had a fair taste of the various rides to qualify me to offer some comment. We really enjoyed this year’s event hugely; as we have done so in the past as well; the changes that you made to the route added fantastic new zest to an already sublime ride, and the new section up to the water point on day 3 and then through Shisa Manzi and onwards to the finish are such a huge improvement and such a delight to ride that I very much doubt that you will need to alter them much, if at all, in the years to come. Idle chatter in the start zones, along the way, and after the end of each day had the vast majority of other riders echoing my sentiments.
Joe Holmes 2012

I have done the Epic in 2005, the Sani2C in 2006 and again this year. I have done 4 Sabie Experience stage races and 4 Mankele Three Towers stage races. Of all these, I put your race on top. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do your race. We really enjoyed it.
George and Vanessa Bell 2012

Thank you for an absolutely brilliant race!!! I must admit I expected a lot from the Swazi Frontier and can now say that I got way more than what I expected. Every single aspect of the race was brilliantly organised and it is quite clear that you guys operate as a well-oiled machined in Swaziland. I look forward seeing you in 2013 again.
Derich Eicker 2012

I would like to thank you for staging the best MTB "race" I've ridden. To me, it is mountain biking at its best and purest. I simply love the flowing single tracks and cattle paths... not to mention the rocky down hills and trails. Even the climbs seem bearable when glancing at the amazing scenery. The rest of the PMB group (Frikkie, Mike, Glyn, Jean and Bex) also loved it and we plan to return next year.
Alberto Puddu 2012

Thank you for giving myself and my riding partner the experience of a life time. Anybody can book a holiday and say ja it was fun but this trip I will never forget. I do not cry easy but when I reached the finish of the last stage I was crying and not from pain but just knowing that I had just experienced pure joy and feeling alive again.
It was so nice riding with 180 experienced riders and endless single track and technical uphill. I cannot write a long email thanking you otherwise I will start crying with tears of joy again. Thank you Brett and Les, you guys are Legends.
Werner Engelbrecht 2012

Honestly guys thank you for a fab few days of fun-filled riding! You even managed to order completely different weather conditions to last year just so us 2nd timers wouldn’t get bored! The route was great and the ethos of your event steadfast!! What a privilege to be able to ride through so many communities knowing that they would benefit from us having so much fun! Thanks for the work you do. We’ll be back!
Jane Seggie 2012

Thanks for an awesome Swazi Frontier yet again. We can never do enough of them yet we always seem to get our tactics (probably means preparation!) wrong. This year we didn’t plan for the weather and/or the hills (I know – we should know by now). What we can always rely on though is an awesome true mountain biking experience through pristine countryside (read rugged mountain ranges, wicked technical downhills and numerous river crossings), superb organization, great food and the chance to hook up again with some amazing friends to share our stories, trials and tribulations. We made it and will definitely be back again and again for some more Swazi Frontier adventures.
Che Lue and Lucien Pierce 2012

A BIG thank you from me too! The race was just amazing, so difficult to explain to riders that haven’t been there. PS. I am really suffering from post Swazi depression…
Rory Grobler 2012

It amazed me how calm and friendly you both remained throughout the weekend! I absolutely loved the race and found the people to be very different to the other races I have done…this I’m sure is credit to you both as your attitude and enthusiasm certainly rubs off on those around you.
Belinda van der Riet 2012

The weekend was a really great one. Although it took forever, I can now say that I have completed what must surely be one of the toughest MTB races by far. My training was not nearly enough but I am so happy with myself for reaching the finish line on all 3 days. Those three days ... present one with the finest MTB tracks available in this country, if not the world. And the Swaziland countryside is just beyond description. There are some scenes that look as if they have been taken straight out of a photo album and, as the very back-marker, I took the time to savour the beauty that we passed through.

Congratulations on putting together such a finely-tuned event and on managing to get the single track that we were privileged enough to enjoy. Everything ran like clockwork, and the manner in which you two give care to each victim (!) is just unsurpassed in any event that I have ever entered. We are all made to feel like part of a large family and nothing is too much trouble for you to sort out. Each person assisting with the event is so motivated and so keen and that shows just how much effort you two put into the organising. Good luck with the planning for 2013, and we know it will be an event to look forward to by all who have experienced your fantastic hospitality.
Barry Katz 2012

I wanted to thank you SOOOO much for the wonderful event that you guys organized. It was such fun and you guys are just brilliant the way you plough all those funds into the community. I would love to do it again next year!
Suzi van der Merwe 2012

Thanks for putting together the greatest mtb experience I’ve ever had. This is not a race, this is an adventure. Day 2 was the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike.
Werner Nienaber 2012

We compliment you on the manner in which you hosted this year’s Swazi Frontier. Although the course was a very tough, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We particularly enjoyed the low key nature of the event and the pure, ‘ride it as you find it’ track. The standard of catering was outstanding throughout. Thanks very much for a fantastic experience. We will be back.
Richard Cole and Greg Perrett (Rock Rabbit) 2012

A big thanks to you guys, we had the most amazing time. The organization from start to finish was top class, the route was AWESOME, the group of riders were great fun.... I could go on and on and on... and for my first trip to Swaziland... I absolutely loved it. Thanks again for everything, we love the items of clothing and will wear them all with pride.
Michelle de Souza Macgregor and Ross Macgregor 2012

Yihaaa! Thanks for organising a spectacular event and doing it with such a great style and wonderful light touch.
James Pitman 2012

Thanks for a great niche race. I compare Swazi Frontier to the Hawaii of surfing, “the real deal”.
Victor Tesar 2012

Thank you for an incredible event. As a pure hard core roadie it was an experience I will never forget and I will definitely be better prepared for next year. My technical skills got a huge shake up. I will sharpen my technical skill for next year.
Spike de la Rey 2012

Thanks for a fantastic event! It was a real pleasure to take part in such a well organized and above all fun ride. We both really enjoyed ourselves and there are so many good bits it’s hard to single things out. I'd also like to thank all of the crew.
Cheryl Jenks 2012

You guys rock! Thanks again for the most awesome experience!
Johan Vorster 2012

Huge thanks for the best Swazi ever! It was a blast!
Anton Wood 2012

Thanks for another awesome time in Swaziland.
Brad van der Westhuizen and Nicky Nairn 2012

Thanks very much for a great ride. It is really a treat to be involved in such a personal event. It is as tough as anything with some of the best riding anyone could hope for.
Murray Paton 2012

Thanks once again for a fantastic couple of days. We will be back – hopefully with an even bigger contingent!
Dave Mills 2012

Thank you for the awesome experience we had in Swaziland. It was so nice to be able to take part in this wonderful event.
Rudolph Wiggett 2012

Thanks again for a fantastic event and well done in pulling it off with such a big smile.
Steve Saunders 2012

Thanks for another fantastic event with awesome riding.
Dave Farrer 2012

Thanks again to you both for putting together a really unique event.
Justin Harris 2012

Thank you for a fantastic three days of real no nonsense mountain biking, the learning curve is steep, but rewarding.
Gary Hayter 2012

Thanks for another fantastic event with awesome riding.
Dave Farrer 2012

Thanks for a great experience. Bit tougher than I thought.
Harry Welham 2012

Thank you for a great race. We definitely would like to ride again next year if possible.
Shaun Williamson

Thanks very much for arranging such a spectacular race.
Greg Allen 2012

Thanks again for an awesome race.
Marinus Bekker 2012

Thank you for a superbly organized race. Hope to see you next year.
Werner Schofmann 2012

Just a thanks for a fantastic ride, very difficult to compare any other ride with the Swazi Frontier.
Gustav Becker 2012

Another year and another fantastic event. Not even the rain and mud can disrupt this amazing bike ride. The changes to day 3 make it as good if not better than day 2. Well done.
Donald Barrow 2012

Thanks for the most incredible ride – flipping fantastic fun.
Craig Wapnick 2012

Thanks again for a fantastic trip. This race and its culture is a tribute to both of your passion and energy to make it a success. Enjoyed it even more than last year!
Brent Wiltshire 2012

Thanks for an awesome experience. This was my first (of many I hope) stage race and visit to Swaziland. Thank you for your warm hospitality. I will definitely be back!
Norman Shannon 2012

Thank you, to you and all the members of your team for an awesome mountain bike experience!
Philip Nel 2012

Feedback 2011

Well it’s been a week since I got back from Swazi and I am still wishing I was back there!! Thank you both so much for putting on such a tremendous event. The route was superb! I loved the variety Swaziland has to offer, there was never a dull moment! From rocky technical climbs, to scary steep descents, to flowing sweeping forest tracks, to interesting river paths, to brutal climbs and even a scenic tar section over the dam wall, your race has it all. The aspect of “navigating “ones way adds another dimension to the race which Phil and I loved (even though we got lost once or twice!) Also, particularly special to the event, is the wonderful friendly and relaxed vibe.
Jane Seggie 2011

You put on an absolutely marvellous race this year, thank you, thank you, thank you. I think the event has really come of age and I'm very chuffed I've been able to watch it develop from year 1. I also think the Swazi Frontier has developed a special reputation in the MTB community. Lots of nervousness and excitement about the event amongst the new entries suggests that the word is out about what to expect from Swaziland.
Mike Dalby 2011

Thanks once again for a fantastic event. You guys really do have a great thing going with the Swazi Frontier - my benchmark for all other stage races.
Dane Walsh 2011

We just wanted to thank you guys and all the support crew for a fantastic event. Loved it all – the scenery, the flowers on Day 1 in Malolotja, the gnarly tracks, the cattle tracks, the dust, the river crossings (many), the single tracks, the swoopy downhills, the single tracks, the friendly faces & cheers on the way and sooo much more. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed ourselves! It’s hard to single out any one ‘best’ bit – too many good things to carry on naming them. We’ll be back!
Cheryl Jenks and Jason Whyte 2011

Thanks again for a really great couple of days riding. The route gets better and better and so does the organisation, superb. End of Day 3 was spectacular and I think a great way of finishing. See you next year.
Connor Dawson 2011

Once again you have outdone any other of the local races with "your" Swazi Frontier race! I just love the technical bits where you can challenge yourself and still enjoy a relaxed racing atmosphere. (I must be getting old). My friends from the Netherlands also enjoyed it to the max. Thanks a lot. It was the highlight (again) of my cycling year!
Andre Brink 2011

All in all it was a very difficult race due to the course and the heat. The first day was the one of the toughest day's I have ever experienced. I will forever remember "Too Brutal" as ...too brutal. The race organisers, Brett and Lesley, were sublime and everything was well organised and planned and they thought of everything. It was a very exciting experience to ride in Swaziland. All the kids (and older people) supporting along the way was very special. we were impressed by the high quality of the organization. Everything was well organized - really above European standard.
Wout Theuws 2011 (Netherlands)

This was my third successive Swazi Frontier and without a doubt the best. I had to jump through hoops to make it but it was so well worth it. Thank you both once again for an astoundingly spectacular event. You have outdone yourselves again.
Dick Morkel 2011

You have successfully created an event that attracts suitable purist MTB enthusiasts with the right attitude of enjoying their riding but still with an obvious amount of competiveness. The camaraderie and sportsmanship shown over the three days is testament to the endless hours of hard work you guys all put in to make this event happen – WELL DONE. As always, the first 2 days are pretty demanding & fantastic, with the third day changes by including the awesome new river section a huge improvement. Once again, awesome event, great organisation, good mix of participants & most importantly pretty damn fine Mountain Biking ..... & yes we’ll be back!
Craig Fussell and Greg Crookes 2011

Just a short note to advise you that participation in the Swazi Frontier event has converted me from a confirmed single-stage roadie to an aspiring multi-stage mountain biker! Thanks for all the effort and love you put into the race… I loved so much of what the event was all about: the extreme and varied terrains we passed through, the remoteness of much of the route, the camaraderie at the camps and also on the ride itself, the social up-liftment effort, the faultless organisation, the briefing sessions with daily highlights & humour, etc, etc. The only trouble is that I have been asking around to find a comparable race and there just does not seem to be one! Hopefully I will be able to get back to join you and the crew next year…
Mark Humphrey 2011

Just a short note to thank you for another fantastic event. Johan and myself loved every moment of the 3 days, the first day win being a big, but pleasant surprise. The following day getting lost allowed us to have fun again and to ride as we pleased, not under pressure. I hope your sponsors do well from their exposure and can highly recommend their involvement. We will use their products and services wherever possible.
Paul Furbank 2011

A HUGE well done it was awesome you played out of your gumboots it just gets better and better. Well done
Anton Wood 2011

Thanks a million for a stunning race it was VERY VERY HARD but yes we survived and enjoyed it a lot, and it is worth every pain, swearing and prayer (that was now praying for the finish line every day, the swearing was for not seeing the finish on top of every hill).
Carlien and Leon Engelbrecht 2011

Now that the dust has settled for the Swazi Frontier I just wanted to thank you both for organising a great event. Apart from the race we really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in Swaziland and look forward to coming back again!
Justin Harris 2011

Just to say thank you very much for a great few days. Morne and I really enjoyed every minute of our adventure in Swaziland - REAL mountain biking, great accommodation, fantastic food and a very well organised and fun experience. Well done! Was a bit freaked out by the whole navigation thing but we managed to get the hang of it by day 3! Really hope to be back next year. Thanks again, you guys, and good luck with your whole project.
Alewyn and Morne Vorster 2011

Huge well done again. Really was superb to see the same faces and have the privilege to ride through all those awesome tracks.
Gus Pringle 2011

Thank-you for an amazing introduction to stage MTB riding, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and will hopefully see you next year.
Ed Baldrey 2011

Thank you for a fantastic event.
Adele Drake 2011

We had good time out there on our bikes, meeting friendly people. I'm still tired but I can't wait for next year. You guys rock and full of surprises, I like that.
Thulani Gule 2011

Thanks for the Swazi Frontier and inviting us to ride. It was by far the best social stage race we have been on. Day one was very rough and definitely challenged the mind, let alone the body. Day 2 and day 3 however were probably the best day rides ever. They were tough but fun and rewarding.
Renzo Schincariol 2011

Thanks for the most brilliant race we've ever done!! It was such a great adventure for both of us. The route was amazing...I loved the technical bits! We're definitely in for next year!!
Jacques and Janine Malherbe 2011 (The Madherbs)

Congratulations on another amazing Swazi Frontier. Unlike my riding abilities, your event just gets better and better. Can’t wait for next year.
Donald Barrow 2011

Thanks SO much again for everything, it was AWESOME! I’m going to train hard and kick @ss next year!
Tim Van Coller 2011

Thank you for three fabulous days. The whole thing was great ... in fact, it could have been longer!
Martin Wells 2011

Thanks again for a truly awesome event. We all had such a great time.
Graham Rogoff 2011

It was awesome!
Karin Hendry 2011

Race was absolutely fantastic, have been singing your praises to all and sundry, tough as all hell but unbelievable riding. Will be up for another dose next year.
Jan Hnizdo 2011

Thanks for a great ride!
Gavin Robinson 2011

Thanks for a stunning event - we loved it!!!
Rose & Gavin MacKintosh 2011

Thanks again for a wonderful race!
Brendon Wilson 2011

Thanks for yet another awesome event. Swaziland is truly a remarkable place to ride.
Graham Beyers 2011

Thanks for a great ride!
Jon Alison 2011

Thanks again for a great extended weekend. Now each day is perfect!
Mark Preen 2011

Thanks so much for such a fun event …. very important at our age!!
Phil Lambrecht 2011

Thanks for another good one.
Gareth Ocshe 2011

Thank you for an unbelievable experience. What gripped me most was the sense of touring rather than racing (granted we were not high up in the pack) but nonetheless the pure joy of the abundant single-track, decision making and the serious demand of the route certainly tops anything I'd done before, and quite sure it will be hard to beat. So thanks again for all your effort, the perfect planning and logistics and generally for an unforgettable time.
Johan Vorster 2011

Gruelling climbs, mesmerising single track & another world! Thank you!
Rob Kamhoot 2011

Feedback 2010

Thanks a million for another great ride
John Tittlestad 2010

After that show I have little doubt your mailbox will be jam packed full of these this morning but a huge well done and thank you from my side, I really had a blast. Day 1 rates as my toughest day on a bike and day 2 as the best (and it was RAINING!)...I cannot think where to put day 3 but it was super sick too! Would love to join you guys again next year so please pen me in for the full show or tell me when to raise my hand for an entry.
Gus Pringle 2010

Thank you for a wonderful organized event - even though we only saw half of it with the broken bike! We will be back next year.
Hein Blignaut 2010

Thanks for such an awesome ride again, it was a privilege to be out there, thoroughly enjoyed it, scenery, route, catering and you guys were awesome, thanks.
Justin Jeffery 2010

As a “purist type” Mountain Biker I can only compliment the event that you guys have put together. The ethos, the environment and the attitude of all participants is a true reflection on your love for mountain biking and Swaziland. This event ranks as one of the top sporting highlights in my time. The course is brutal, the participants are great fun and the overall camaraderie and organisation throughout the few days out there was nothing short of fantastic. Yes people race, but the overall goal of maximum enjoyment of this event far outweighed the fun competitive wagers that developed along the way.
Navigating through the Swazi countryside and mountains was not only an absolute ball, but also a privilege as we got to see the real Swaziland. Getting lost was “fun” and just part of the deal…What you guys have created is unique (in my experience) and should be cherished. The biggest compliment I can give you both is on the mellow culture you have created. Your race is already a legend within the mountain bike fraternity. Once again, a tip top event with a tip top MTB culture!
Craig Fussell 2010

Thanks for an awesome event.
Andrew Broom 2010

Thanks to you both for a fantastic 3 days of riding, great organization and friendship.
David Rawlinson and Stuart Rawlinson 2010

Many thanks for another epic 3 day with fantastic routes, great organization and super people. The weather made this year totally different so no one can ever say the same ride from year to year…Well done to you and the rest of the team.
Linda and Paul Loffler 2010

Thanks for a great race, and a fun holiday! Every second marketing blurb talks about "the essence of mountain-biking". Your event really is just that - proper mtb riding (lots and lots of that), small communal atmosphere & genuinely in the great outdoors.

We especially noticed the huge effort you went to and the high standard of the event - the tracks (yes, we mention them again & again), route guide, medical and other support, food, accommodation, everything.

Between us, we have done most of the big events in SA, and some overseas, and yours is definitely one of the best.
Glen Goddard and Paula Noah 2010

Thanks it was a great race tuff but great.
Guillaume Van Niekerk and Andrew Van Der Walt 2010

The race was great and both Adéle and myself enjoyed it very much. The tracks were fantastic and the lunch at Orion Pigg's Peak hotel a once in a lifetime. Great after party!
Marinus Bekker and Adele Drake 2010

We want to thank you for a great event. We really enjoyed every minute. This was a REAL mountain bike race testing all your skills and although we suffered sometimes it was worth every drop of sweat. We enjoyed the intimate format and please keep it that way. We don’t even have any suggestions for improvement. Please keep up the good work and we can’t wait for next year!
Andre Brink and Isak Bothma 2010

Just want to thank you for an awesome time in Swaziland. Even though the mud got the better of me, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the time we spent there tremendously! You have such a great event going….do not change a thing!!! Maybe a little less rain would have been nice. Gawie can’t stop telling everybody about the “best mtb routes” he has experienced!!
Gawie and Ansulaine Spies 2010

It was a great event… hopefully you will have Toga party pics on your website.
Paula Noah 2010

Thanks again for the great race and all the organization.
Gerhard Prinsloo 2010

Thanks for a fantastic race – again… it was an awesome route, good people and well organised.
Kim Roques 2010

Thanks for a fantastic event. I had heard so many good things about it and yet they didn't even begin to capture how unique and special this event is. I really had a great time, rain, mud, togas and all!
Dane Walsh 2010

Thanks for an awesome event.
Craig Edwards 2010

Thanks for a truly awesome race – next time I will take your advice on the hill training a bit more seriously!!
Nic Fee 2010

Thanks for another awesome adventure.
Brad van der Westhuizen 2010

I want to thank you guys for everything you have done for me and Fana. I'm running short of words to thank you but, one thing for sure, you are the best in my life. You came with light to my cycling dream and everything just popped out and I could see my chances of being the best. Thanks once more.
Thulani Gule 2010

Thank you once again for great ride. Graeme and I really enjoyed it, and it is definitely at the top of our list. We weren't as fit as we were hoping to be, and therefore the days were long - but the thrilling downhills and the challenging up hills kept us going! You and Brett do an amazing thing and we hope you carry on!
Janet and Graeme Malcolm 2010

Thanks to you guys, I’m certain that it was the most successful race to date and more especially due to the conditions which stressed the organisation to the limit. The route was awesome.
Anthony Geldard 2010

What I must say, without hesitation, is that of all the races I have done over the past 5 years throughout this country, the Swazi Frontier was undoubtedly the best. The route, although extreme for us Kimberlites, was beyond comparison, and awesome (not a word I use lightly) is about the only adjective that could describe it. You two cannot be complimented enough for what you do. Everything is so personal … and nothing is too much trouble.

That there are no big names present with no monetary prizes being on offer makes the race for us back-markers all that more special. The majority of the field is there because they want to ride on terrain that is for purists and not just the pros. The nightly prize giving, with all the fun (Spandex will be back) was most enjoyable and provided us with a great laugh and an opportunity to meet lots of different people. That, in itself, is worth being there.
Barry Katz 2010

I loved it and will be back next year. I promise myself to be lighter and braver.
Gareth Ochse 2010

Had a ball!
Steve Midgely 2010

Thank you for once again organizing a wonderful event. I know it sounds clichéd but each year things get better and the organization goes up a level. I think that you and the sponsors have no peers in any other three day race in the country.
Mike and Tracy Ogg 2010

Congratulations on another brilliant event. It’s just so good, year after year.
Connor Dawson 2010

The Logico Swazi Frontier was once again the highlight of the year. You know a race is great when it rains for the 1st 2 days and it’s still awesome. If you get a chance to do the ride, jump at it.
Marc Wierdekehr 2010

Thanks for the wonderful event. Once again the highlight of my riding calendar.
Pete Joughin 2010

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!
De Wet Goosen 2010

Just wanted to thank you guys and your team for hosting an awesome event. At times we wondered what we were doing as we were a little bit unprepared! By the end of the last day, the seed had been sown and we will be back for many years to come.
Ian Franken 2010

How can we thank you enough? What a remarkable ride and such a one-of-a-kind intro to Swaziland. Ian and I loved every minute of it… We just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and sensational planning that goes into it. It's truly appreciated. You really have started a wonderful thing and we feel so privileged to have been involved.
Ciara Louw and Ian Du Toit 2010

Feedback 2009

The 2009 Swazi Frontier was again an awesome event. I have taken part in many stage races and your race is the best of them all. All the way from the fierceness of the terrain to your unbelievable organisation … we were privileged to be part of this year’s Swazi Frontier.
Johann Wykerd 2009

Thanks for a great race! Rugged and untamed, was tough but worthwhile.
Jeremy Sanders 2009

Thank-you so much for such an amazing race!! I can’t believe it took us 4 years to get to the Swazi Frontier but it was certainly worth it. We came for great MTB’ing and we were not disappointed – it was unbelievable MTB’ing!....It was superb – we can’t complain about anything. WELL DONE to you and your team, you have done you and your sponsors proud!
Nicky and Gerrard Booyens 2009

It’s hard to imagine that the ride could get better than last year’s but it was!
Bruce Taylor 2009

Thank you for an unbelievable weekend and very well done to you both (let the love flow).
David Kohler 2009

What an amazing event!! We came back this year to tame those Swazi mountains and once again they shattered our feeble attempt. Once again the organization was top class, accommodation was brilliant and after party great fun. Cannot wait for next year.
Donald and Tanja Barrow 2009

Thanks once again for the best event of my mountain-biking calendar.
Mike Dalby 2009

The 3 day Logico Swazi Frontier is my favourite ride, you experience an awesome atmosphere coupled with the best riding possible, you either going up or down, there is no such thing as a flat stretch. The track is unique and unspoilt and challenges every rider – brilliant event and if you get the opportunity well worth doing.
Marc Wierdekehr 2009

Thanks for an awesome race. Best so far, worst for my under trained body.
Adam Wood 2009

A big thanks to you both for a really well-organised, super race. Tough as ever!
Linda Loffler 2009

I am sitting behind my computer, at work trying to concentrate but my mind is giving me flashbacks of the last 4 days in Swaziland. Yes I have just returned from a race in the little Kingdom of Swaziland. My third visit and after each time I did not think it was possible for the race to improve. Last year I thought that day two had to rate as the best day of mountain biking racing in South Africa/Swaziland, this year day one, with the awesome free-riding single track, technical uphill sections, man-made single track and wild game everywhere. I vote day one as the best day of racing one can experience on a MTB. Next year it will be day three! I need to go back to experience the comradeship, the pure mountain biking, the awesome accommodation and catch up with all the Swazi Frontier friends that I see once a year. Next time I will last out to the end of the party of all party's. Well done Brett, Les and team!
Mark Preen 2009

An event which will go down as one of the highlights in my cycling life! On day 1, I bonked badly…but I could still appreciate that it was probably the most rewarding day to get through it and still be standing (more or less…). The views, tracks, catering, accommodation, organisation, with the added twist of navigation, all makes up a great package.
Karl Kielblock 2009

Thanks for a great ride - this is my favourite event, a great balance between technical/rideable and pushing the limits of 90% of the field, which is what this race does so well. Day 1 is the best single day of mountain-biking I know. Day 2 is close to perfection. The newbies were blown away by finishing a stage race at a hotel with pool and awesome food. Day 3, well, I have no comment on the route as my knee was (and remains) stuffed. I would like to keep doing this ride year after year, and think you guys are going a great job.
Gareth Osche 2009

Thanks for a great race. It was spectacular. The ride and overall experience certainly produced all the smiles, fun and enjoyment that you guys set out to achieve. Well done. The ride evolves and gets better and better as the days go on.
Anton Apps 2009

Thanks to you and your team for a wonderful race. The organisation, food, accommodation etc really worked well… I see you still don’t use the term “Hill” lightly. The payback for the single track, views and downhill came in huge chunks…it was a winner.
Jimmy Arthur 2009

Thank you for an awesome experience, it was challenging and great fun - true mountain biking!! Oliver Stratford 2009

Your race is so amazing. It seems to take us away from our "real" lives and time-warps us into a place of the greatest riding, food and friendships. I would like to thank you for another great time both Landy and I had. Frikkie was all smiles and I think it has not left his face since. On the one hand we want to tell everybody about The Swazi Frontier but on the other hand we want to keep it our special secret!
Alberto Puddu 2009

Thanks again for an amazing ride. The Swazi Frontier is my favourite event on the riding calendar, and this year it got even better. The TJOMALOTI descent from Malalotja Nature Reserve was pure joy. The new HEENAN’S STAIRCASE descent and BROWN CROCODILE are real highlights. Aside from the riding, what makes this ride really enjoyable is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Pete Joughin 2009

Great race, good food, great crowd. Very exciting and proper mountain biking. Certainly was a challenge!

One hell of a big thank you to you wonderful people for an amazing, out of this world race and 5 days in Swaziland.
Geoffrey Wade 2009

The race was fantastic and all logistics flawless.
Iulien Circo 2009

I had an awesome time.
Jason Mortimer 2009

Thank you for a fantastic race - it was really special. One could really see all the effort that went into it. Very well done - thank you!!! -
Adrienne and Anton Moolman 2009

Thank you for a great race. It was some of the best and most enjoyable riding I have done in my life. Millar Nienaber 2009

What an awesome experience, well-organised race, and surely the best 3 days I had in a long time!
Stephan Du Plessis 2009

Once again, thanks for a great event! I will definitely be back - this is so different from any of the multi day events I have done.
Dick Morkel 2009

Thanks once again for a wonderful race. I really think that you have perfected things on the logistics/ accommodation/ feeding front even with the increased number of entrants.
Mike Ogg 2009

Thank you for a great race! Tough but great!
Louise Sanders 2009

Just wanted to say that I thought the Logico race you put on was absolutely wonderful. The friendliness and the vibe was perfect – the organisation impeccable and the track truly amazing. Day one was my toughest day on a bike EVER and day three was my most enjoyable day on a bike EVER. Thank you for all your effort and initiative in making this event possible. Can’t wait to do it again. Three cheers and well done.
Rob Dennison 2009

I have not done many MTB races but The LOGICO Swazi Frontier got me addicted. I am so glad we made the effort to go to Swaziland and dive into the deep end – sometimes my head was under water but in the end it was the best MTB experience ever!!!
Anuslaine Spies 2009

Feedback 2008

“Best Race in Africa!”: what can I say to express a ride that fulfils every need and makes you want to come back even knowing that you are going to go through hell on the Brutals? We have done 3 Epics, 3 Sani2C and 2 180 degrees in the Cedarberg and these do not come close to the accommodation and spirit of camaraderie we experienced. I do not know if I could sleep in a tent again after the “lekker” double bed I had at Piggs Peak. My only regret is that I was overweight and not fit enough but that being said it was great at the back and the friends I met was worth every terrible km.
Rob de Lange 2008

Thanks a million for an unforgettable event brilliantly organised. I’ve been a SWAZI for 38 years and have never seen scenery like that! Well done, everything was awesome.
Stuart Hulley 2008

To you and your whole team, thanks for a really unforgettable four days in beautiful Swaziland. Don't know how you are going to improve on such a great event. Thanks for your endless enthusiasm and warm hospitality.
Kevin Spratley 2008

Thanks for a fantastic race. You guys and your whole team made it an experience I will never forget. It was the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met and everyone was always making sure that all us riders were happy with everything. I wish that I had been a bit fitter to get the most out of the course but besides that everything was perfect. It is also the greatest bunch of riders I have been lucky enough to ride with. I haven’t laughed that much before….One thing that showed things perfectly was when I told Brett that I had another problem for him and he said that it was not a problem but a challenge…The smiles never left your faces...That enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone including the riders…Thanks again for an unforgettable experience & hope to see you next year.
Mark Haarhoff 2008

Thank you so much for the last weekend’s race – I thoroughly enjoyed myself… the race was an epic adventure but I must say those hills were a bit tough..…everything was fantastic: from the spirit of the organisers to the accommodation; the food; the organisation and communication beforehand was excellent; the route and scenery spectacular especially Baboon’s Back, the river crossings and Mickey’s Madness; the amazing photography and pretty massage ladies!!! Thanks once again and I hope to ride again next year!
Struan Campbell 2008

What an awesome few days of riding
Craig Wapnick 2008

This is a ride I'd like to do again and again. It's totally different to anything out there….it's small: 70 teams of 2's by invitation…you get to know the people you haven't already met, and the vibe is simply amazing…hard riding, loads of support from other riders along the way, and an after-party that was the best post-ride party ever.
Gareth Ochse 2008

I heard via Gareth Ochse that this ride is one of the VERY BEST MTB rides around (if not the best)!
Chris Sochanski 2008

Thank you for a superbly organised race! Most of all though, thank you for the adventure. Hopefully we proved that some of us Gautengers can bomb downhill like the best out there.
Brennan Menday 2008

I just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fantastic event...It has taken a bit of time to settle down and recover after such a spectacular week. What an amazing place you have found to host an event, and the manner in which you have structured the event truly is admirable. As I quickly learned, it isn't meant to be a streamlined impersonal 'super' event... it has a personal touch to it which makes it all the more memorable.
Mike Smith 2008

The ISUZU Swazi Frontier took quite a bit out of me – it’s by far the best stage ride/race one can do, from the atmosphere to the single track riding, one cannot ask for more.
Marc Wiederkehr 2008

Thanks a stack, you have a great event going and we will look forward to seeing its progress in the future and with a little luck we will make it back to the start line next year!
Paul Cordes 2008

Thanks Brett and Lesley for organising a superb ride. It’s the hardest thing I have done and yet I so enjoyed it. I came home..feeling like I had been away for ages. The kids can't believe we won a prize for coming "last"…awesome mountain biking.
Tanja and Donald Barrow 2008

Thanks again for a superb event! There are now two set events on my calendar for sure – Swazi and Sani! The one thing that stood out head and shoulders, and that is a TALL order in itself, was the food. This became very evident on day 3 when I expected to completely run out of gas, and it turned out to be our best day! Well done, and we’ll see you again next year!
Lodewyk de Beer 2008

That’s the closest I’ve come to mountain bike heaven!
Mike Richardson 2008

Just wanted to say thanks a million for your hard work. I had a great time...I'm already fired up to do it again next year. Tell Yolande I'm gunning for her! -
Jason Mortimer 2008

Thanks for a fantastically organized event and après cycle!! Charl and I enjoyed ourselves and can only compliment you on a job extremely well done. Look forward to it next year!! -
Chris Chance 2008

Brett and Lesley, I would like to congratulate both of you for an outstanding event. This was an amazing experience for me seeing that this was only my 3rd MTB ride EVER! The event was well planned and managed and as an event organiser myself I really must give you a 10 for your efforts and detail….I learned a hell of a lot and must admit that MTB riding is really not for sissies!! You guys put a fantastic event together and we will support you in 2009.
Liefie Day 2008

Thanks again for great event. Really enjoyed ourselves again!
Andrew Broom 2008

Thanks for a truly awesome event. Never before have I participated in an event where the whole field became such a closely knit family towards the end of day three. The going was tough, but we will surely return to share in the beauty and hardship that Swaziland has to offer. Once again thanks and all of the best for the future regarding the race and great community work done by your team.
Malan Wykerd 2008

Thanks for an awesome adventure; I cannot stop raving about it.
Adam Wood 2008

Thanks guys for the great race. We really enjoyed it.
Craig Randall 2008

Many thanks to the 2 of you for a great 3 days. Lovely track and good organisation.
Linda Loffler 2008

Brilliant…we’re already planning for next year.
Sean Williams and Bruce Jacobs 2008

I just want to thank you for a superb riding experience. I was unsure what to expect in terms of riding and accommodation - both were excellent. It was definitely well worth the trip from stellenbosch. I think what makes the event is your relaxed but organised manner and the smallness of the event - it was really nice getting to chat to some fellow riders for a change.
Please keep it small!
Janet Malcolm 2008

Thank you so much for a great time in Swaziland. The ride was awesome, the accommodation tremendous and the company great fun.
Beth McLeod 2008

Thanks for an awesome and most memorable experience, look forward to next year.
Justin Jeffery 2008

Thanks for an awesome event. It was the highlight of my cycling career so far.
Robin Tindall 2008

Thanks again for the wonderful event, one that I will always remember! Special aspects to me were…the wonderful and varied scenery we cycled through…coming down the mountain on day one was positively scary when we suddenly nearly fell headlong down the huge dongas! Racing through the forest on day two with branches flying past centimetres from one's head was like some of these computer games I see my son play, except it was for real!
Henry Fagan 2008

Thanks for the great race again and again and again. Everything about the race is superb, the route, the accommodation and the people! Although it seems impossible, the race gets bigger, better and more enjoyable every time we do it.
Che Lue 2008

Ditto!! Especially to the Nivea guys! The Hoss pants are brilliant too!
Lucien Pierce (Che’s partner) 2008

Thank you for a well organised event and a wonderful experience......something that will stay with me for a long time. It was well worth the trip from Australia. Definitely considering to do the trip again for next year and this time will find some bigger hills in to train for the Brutals!!!!
George Devenish 2008

This is about one of the most enjoyable stage races I’ve done – The Swazi Frontier
Landy Puddu 2008

Major congratulations to Les and Fossil for a top event! Big up yourselves. We will be back next year, there is no doubt. A top experience and peachy all round. Catch you all.
Bruce Turvey 2008

Feedback 2007

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for organizing such an awesome race. It definitely stands out as one of my best mtb-ing experiences.
Brian Murray 2007

The ride was spectacular and primarily single-track….The climbs and the terrain were brutal to say the least! We all returned with sore legs, lots of war stories and a strong sense of camaraderie. A memorable event and a must-do for mtb die-hards.
Charles Pritchard 2007

Thank you for an amazing ride and an unforgettable 3 days…the route, the attention to detail, the scenery, the pureness of the mtb’g experience, the varied terrain..our every need was catered for…awesome fun.
Mark Preen 2007

Thank you for the most epic, amazing experience…awesome race… the memories of the tough bits have all faded and only the good memories remain!....The experience of riding through the villages and being supported by the local people was incredible…from the steep uphills to the awesome downhill single track – truly amazing, thank you!
Gayle Momsen 2007

Thanks for a truly great event. Swaziland has become an absolute highlight of my yearly mtb calendar, and a fantastic way to see a very diverse set of environments in one weekend.
Michael Dalby 2007

It was the best mtb experience of my life!
Andrew Rankin 2007

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful race. The organization was great, from the food to the company, to the actual race and route (though those last hills were heartbreaking). We loved it!
Tessa Mackay 2007

Thanks once again for a truly awesome event! Absolutely fantastic, well organized, great route, great food etc! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back!!
Marilyn Chivers 2007

Words cannot describe what I have experienced in The ISUZU Swazi Frontier 2007 – what a fantastic event. What a privilege to be part of such a fantastic event…very special, so well organized, could not ask for better.
Ivan Devenish 2007

Thanks for a brilliant weekend of mountain biking. Highlights for me were the festive atmosphere at the Bulembu Club before dinner, the descent down “Heenan’s Staircase”, the Mganda Valley (pure heaven) and the final 10kms of the final day, especially the descent (fantastic)!
Connor Dawson 2007

Thanks again for a really awesome event! I’m already counting the days till next year’s event!
Christian Kuys 2007

It really is a gem and quite unique.
Fiona Coward 2007