Feedback 2018

Feedback 2018

Thank you for such an awesome few days of riding. It is by far the best ride in the world.
Adam Wood 2018

Without question the best 3 day stage race I’ve done, with reference to the trails, the people doing the event and just generally how the event is run.
Nicholas Marques 2018

The toughest race I have EVER done, but still comes out tops!! MTB riding at its best.
Liz Botha 2018

Thanks for an awesome experience!
Antonio Simoes 2018

An awesome event!
Alan Powell 2018

Thanks for a really good event, as tough as it was!
Kevin Record 2018

Thank you and your team for a wonderful race.
William Kelly 2018

Thank you for an awesome Frontier experience. Loved every minute including the suffering on Day 1 and will definitely be back. I loved the event and the smaller participation numbers contribute to the lekker gees! It is an experience rather than a hard-core race where it revolves all around the results.
Oscar and Mireille Kotze 2018

It was an amazing experience all round! Tough as nails especially day one but an amazing event. I will be back. For a first mountain bike race and stage race it was mind blowing. The course, venues, logistics and staff were all amazing. Thank you especially to you both and all the sponsors.
Bradley Schroder 2018

Superb! Thank you very much for the massive treat and opportunity to enjoy the race. I had loads of fun, loved the route and think the event was extremely well organised - well done! Will definitely be back in the future!
Francois Knoetze 2018

Thank you for the most amazing 3 days in your special part of the world. I absolutely loved it, (except for Too Brutal!) the rain on day 3 was a blast and I hope to be back next year. The riding was tough but rewarding and accommodation was superb. Please thank Vuma and all the crew, they were awesome. We felt we were in great hands every step of the way!
Murray Steyn 2018

Thanks very much for the amazing opportunity to do the race. It was by far the toughest 3 days on a bike for me - but well worth it.
Frans Le Roux 2018

That was really a great race that you put on – it was a great experience - absolutely loved every second of it!!
Brett Berry 2018

Thanks for great experience. We hope to return next year.
Dick Morkel 2018

Very well organised event, I will certainly be back. Thank you for everything.
Stoffel Eckley 2018

Tough, tough race. Shawn Heydenrych 2018 Fantastic event, thank you. Good memories, good times.
Bevan Langton 2018

Great event.
Daniel Smith 2018

Thank you for an awesome experience. It was your and your staff’s hospitality that made the event so special.
Mark Beckermann 2018

Thank you for a wonderful (but tough) experience. We had such a lovely time and met such nice people, all your efforts in providing good food, accommodation and trying to make us feel welcome and special did not go by unnoticed, well done! Please thank ALL the very friendly staff!
Christoff Viljoen 2018

An extremely well-organised event, which is extremely good value for the money charged. Well done Lesley and Brett, this experience was far superior to the one I experienced in 2010. You have put on an extremely brilliant event.
Gregory More O’Ferrall

You both put so much effort into the event, and it all runs immaculately smoothly as a result. Thanks for all that hard work.
Selina Russell 2018

Thanks so much for an amazing experience, the riders thoroughly enjoyed it!
Kayleigh Rossler 2018